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Petra Hrziwnatzki

My philosophy in my business is to provide a comfortable place for a client to come, relax and know that I will be giving my 100% every single time.  I have been where you are and I have learned from my experiences. 
I became an esthetician 13 years ago because I struggled with acne as a teenager and young adult which affected my self esteem.  I vowed to help as many people with their skin so I moved on to medical esthetics where I was mentored by one of the best.  I then spent time as a mother but have decided after having permanent make-up on my eyebrows that it was time to devote myself to another passion of mine....eyebrows.  I was not blessed with a lot of hair on my brows so I have spent most of my life tinting and drawing them in.  I was afraid to go swimming and I felt very uncomfortable with people seeing me without my brows "on".  I know how life changing it is to have brows when I wake up or when I step out of water. 
I traveled to the U.S. to take the 100 hour fundamental certification which includes being certified in Blood Borne Pathogens which is not a standard certification.  You can feel comfortable that I have been trained to keep you and myself safe while I am working.  I take this career very seriously and I will work with you to create the brows you desire.
I communicate with you every step of the way so you can feel comfortable in what I am doing.  I am also an artist which helps when it comes to brows and because that in itself is an art.  I look forward to working with you to enhance your own natural beauty.
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Consultation $75

This appointment is 30-45mins where you complete some paperwork, I walk you through the procedure and map out and draw one eyebrow to give you an idea of shape. After this appointment, you should feel comfortable moving forward with microblading your brows. 

Microblading $650 (Includes touch-up appointment)

Full microblading session and is 2 to 2.5 hours in length. Each client is unique so I make sure to listen to the needs/wants of every person while taking into account their facial structure.  The client is an active part of the shaping process as I will not proceed without the thumbs up on the shape and colour. 

You can feel confident that you are not just a number to me and I will take my time with you to make sure you are comfortable.  Please be aware that I stay with as natural as possible looking brows so keep that in mind when choosing the right artist for you.  There is an artist for everyone!

Microblading - Touch Up

A "touch up" is a critical and mandatory follow-up after after 6-8 weeks following the "Microblade" service.  This appointment is where we perfect your brows by adding in final details for a beautiful and long-lasting appearance. 


Microblading - Colour Boost

Microblading tends to last generally between 12-36 months and, after this period of time, the colour needs to be refreshed or "boosted" to continue maintaining your original look.

I reserve the right to charge full price if the brows have faded to a point when a full appointment is needed to recreate the brows. 

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